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Beyond the Conjunction



This week I talked about utilitarianism, as a bit of a categorical imperative palate cleanser. I mean, look at Jeremy Bentham — why wouldn’t we take his ethical advice?

The look of a man who takes your pain seriously.

The look of a man who takes your pain seriously.

For those looking for some additional reading on utilitarianism (including how John Stuart Mill improved upon Bentham’s original theory, much to Bentham’s dismay), here are some helpful links:

The History of Utilitarianism from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Utilitarianism (and Batman!) a Crash Course in Philosophy video from PBS

A book on alllll the utilitarianisms.

And, for a narrative critique of utilitarianism from the fabulous creative mind of Ursula K. Le Guin: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.

Happy reading! May your thoughts and study bring you and others far more pleasure than pain, and if they don’t, may you have the wherewithal and courage to change!

xoxo, Jana

Jana Light