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Beyond the Conjunction



Just in case you thought Charles Duckens III / Captain Duckpool didn’t exist, my first order of business is to show your our duckie in all his showery glory.


Such a handsome and fancy fellow, isn’t he?! Sexy Mother Ducker! Song from the first Deadpool? No? At least we think we’re funny.

^^ Actual footage of Chris and me cracking ourselves — and only ourselves — up.

On a serious note, the holiday season, with all its high expectations and tendency towards rumination, can bring with it a lot of emotional angst and pain. As much as I love this season, it also tends to be a struggle. I feel many, many things about Christmas, not all of them warm and fuzzy. Times of reflection should bring with them thoughts of what blessings we have, but it can also be good — or at least natural — to spend some time thinking about what we have struggled through. Hopefully, during those times, we can take a moment to think about the ways we have survived those tough times, to think about (and even marvel at!) the specific things about us, the strengths and abilities that make each of us as individuals resilient, that enabled each one of us to get this far. Hopefully, taking a little bit of our past into our present can show us that we have some good resources (internal or external, or both) to help us navigate the uncertainty of our future.

I want to end this post with the hope that Dickens gave us in A Christmas Carol: a reminder that no one, no life, and no country is beyond redemption. There is a way forward into greater happiness, greater peace, and greater being. Diane and I wish you much love and much hope for your holidays and the new year, and look forward to meeting up again in 2019 with a special New Year’s interlude.

Happy Holidays!

[No] matter what a waste one has made of one’s life, it is ever possible to find some path to redemption, however partial.
— Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain
Jana Light