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Beyond the Conjunction



In our last full episode on metaphysics, we tackled the fascinating idea about what it would be like to be conscious but not have the phenomenal experiences (the feelings, if you will) that give our experiences depth and richness and that make our experiences ours, in a fundamental way. In short: why zombies of the philosophical sort are logically possible. Existing? No. BUT THEY COULD HAUNT YOUR DREAMS.

It was helpful to focus our discussion on consciousness to a single idea of philosophical zombies, but of course there is so much more to be said and read on the topic. (We’re still trying to figure it all out.) A great resource for further reading is the Zombiesarticle on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy site, to give you more info about our beloved P-Zombies and to dig more into philosophy of mind.

In general, that website is a freaking goldmine, so stick around a while and discover some treasures!

And to honor the true spirit of the October holiday, here are zombies discussing philosophical zombies from the ever-fabulous SelfAware Patterns.


And last but CERTAINLY not least, I want to leave you with the “Master blaster of disaster, the Philosopher’s Stone himself, the originator of the ‘Zombie Blues’”…. DAVID FREAKING CHALMERS AND ZOMBIFICATION Y’ALL.


I cannot stop laughing. YOU’RE WELCOME. Now go to our twitter account and retweet our plea to start up Qualia Fest — the world needs more of this.

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