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Beyond the Conjunction

Interlude: Metaphysics


It’s been a wild journey exploring some of the rules and limits to what we call “reality,” and I think we all came out a little better for it. This season we had our first guest star, we ate lots of cake (well, Diane did — WOULD’VE BEEN NICE TO GET SOME CAKE OVER HERE BUT WHATEVER), we learned how to spot the supervillains among us, and we discovered the music festival destined to rival Coachella if we could ever bring it back. (So far, my petition has not been enthusiastically endorsed by… anyone.) We had a lot of fun, and hope you enjoyed the ride!

Even though I didn’t want to get too far down the multiverse rabbit hole, it is a fascinating topic worth exploring. To get you started, here is a great video:

This Pale Blue Dot in the only universe we know really is something special, even if it is only special to those of us who live here. I still think that counts for a lot. I hope we can all take our place on it more seriously and love it, and love all the creatures on it, with a much fiercer, more protective, more flourishing kind of love.

November 6 is coming up, so I encourage everyone to register to vote and carve out some time next Tuesday to make a difference for your country and the world.


But voting is just a day or two days every year. To consider some ways you can act lovingly and live sustainably on a daily basis, take a look at this graph and find something you can do to reduce your own carbon emissions. It won’t take a village — it will take a planet. So let’s all do our part.


Finally, there is probably no better way to end a season on Metaphysics than to throw it back to 1997 Will Smith. Am I right?! Enjoy the cool, smooth tones of Men in Black and the herky-jerky dance of dang-near-historic-CGI’d dancing aliens. Because the 90s ruled.

And if the weight of the world gets too heavy on your shoulders, maybe watch the movie. It won’t fix anything (only voting, innovation, and selflessness will), but it will give you an hour and a half of ridiculousness, hilarity, and goo. Not to shabby for the final slide into the holiday season.

As always, thank you for reading and thank you for listening.

Jana LightComment