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Beyond the Conjunction

Free Will/Determinism

So it turns out that free will and determinism are no easier to figure out when in the context of ethics as when in the context of metaphysics. Thankfully, Susan R. Wolf is one of the great philosophers who try to clear away some of the complicated philosophical brush.

Or something. My metaphors need work.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this week’s episode. Here are some good links for reads and views and listens if you’re looking for more explorations of whether or not we can actually be moral…. oh noes…

Freedom Within Reason by Susan R. Wolf. The book that inspired this episode.

Meaning in Life and Why It Matters, another by Susan R. Wolf. Next on my to-read list.

John Searle’s “The Paradox of Free Will and Determinism”. Nothing like a good lecture to spice up your Friday night, so crack open a box of Franzia and strap in for 30 minutes of greatness.

Crash Course Philosophy on FW vs. Det. Can’t go wrong!

And, if you get overwhelmed with the thought that we might not have free will and that morality could be meaningless and a hopeless striving after meaning and purpose, here is a photo from a recent trip to the beach. Morality cognitive science blah blah blah BEEEEEEAAAACH.

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