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We’ve been talking about ideas and culture since August 2006 when we met as bright-eyed first-year graduate students in the Master of Arts program at Boise State University. Diane was there to study 19th century literature, and Jana was there to study 20th century literature and anything with a philosophical bent. That program sparked a close friendship, and we’ve managed to stay close despite the 10+ years and 3,000 miles separating us.

In 2018 we started tossing around ideas for a podcast that would tackle deep philosophical concepts, while also being casual and humorous in its approach. From these conversations, And/Or/Versus was born. We try to strike a balance between the serious and the silly, all in an effort to shine a light on complex ideas and their relevance to everyday life. With Jana’s philosophical studies and interest in all the complicated ‘isms of the world and Diane’s background in professional development, we realized we have a lot to say. We hope you enjoy listening and learning along with us.


Podcast Hosts



Jana Light

I’m a full-time fundraiser and part-time graduate student studying philosophy in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Even though I’m pretty much always reading and writing, I also take breaks to lift heavy things, cruise up and down Ala Moana Bay Beach on my stand-up paddleboard, and make and eat lots of food.

Philosophy of mind, ethics, science, music, anything involving wine + cat videos




Diane Neu

I’m a coach with a passion for thinking and talking about the ways in which our personal and professional selves overlap. In addition to pondering the vagaries of workplace dynamics, I spend my time dragging my family to every bookshop and bakery in the greater Seattle area.

Positive psychology, personal development, leadership, Jane Austen, tea