Exploring the intersection where theory meets life.

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Talk nerdy with us

We love ideas. We love books. We love humans. We love pop culture. And we love talking about all of them.

Welcome to And/Or/Versus, a podcast exploring some of history’s most influential, interesting, complex ideas and how the heck we can connect them to our daily lives. We are two women who wanted to bring new perspectives and a bit of irreverent academia to the podcastosphere. All while making bad puns and talking too much about our dessert preferences.

Come along with us as we discuss philosophy, life, and the intersection between the theoretical and the lived experience. Each episode we dig into the theory before discussing how these various concepts play off one another, how we think they work well together, when we think they stand opposed, and when we think they are ridiculous — and what that all means for our lives now.



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No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
— Robin Williams